2021 National Trails Day Workday

Celebrate National Trails Day with the Friends of Chapel Hill Parks, Recreation, and Greenways! We will be working to to remove invasive species on Battle Branch Trail.

What: Trail maintenance on Battle Trail for National Trails Day. Or informally, Weed Whack! Our goal for this day is to continue cutting the bases of large wisteria and oriental bittersweet vines that are strangling trees along the trail.

When: 8:30-10am, June 5th

Where: Start at Battle Branch Trail bridge. The closest parking is on the Glendale side at 328 Glendale Rd Chapel Hill, NC 27514. Take the trail down a few meters and there will be someone to orient you. There are trees being girdled by invasive species all along the trail.

Bring: Gloves; Long-sleeved shirts and long pants/boots (for ticks); loppers or a handsaw (for the vines) or hand clippers (good for clipping English ivy). There will be some volunteers with spray bottles of undiluted roundup to “paint” the cut bottom end of the vines

Target species: wisteria, Oriental bittersweet, English ivy- the first two girdle the trees and weaken them, Ivy introduces fungus to the tree’s bark

Species to leave alone and protect: Poison ivy, Grapevines- these go on trees but do not hurt them and are important food sources for wildlife