Supporting Your Community

The Friends of Parks and Recreation was created to enhance our parks, our greenways, and our recreational programs and facilities. Donations to The Friends enables quicker completion of projects not covered or only partially covered by the Town budget.

For example, individual donations to The Friends in 2014 paid for three sand volleyball courts at Umstead Park. A group of interested people alerted The Friends to the need for courts and worked together to provide funding and technical expertise.  The Friends managed the donated funds and coordinated with the Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation Department to complete the first court in just a few months. This project became a priority due to citizen support.

Individuals, groups and businesses can donate to The Friends in a variety of ways:
Become a member each year, select one or more projects to sponsor, plan a legacy gift for the future, or make an unspecified gift. To see a description of current priority projects, go to Fundraising Projects.

To make your gift, go to Donate to The Friends page.

Memorial Park and Greenway Benches

The town of Chapel Hill in conjunction with the Friends of CHPR has created a program for those interested in funding the creation and installantion of memorial benches.  The benches must be fully funded, maintenance free, and only include writing of “In memory of NAME”.  If the bench is of a new look and design, a review by the Friends of CHPR and the town would be required.  Please contact the Friends of CHPR if there is interest in a memorial bench or project.